Leadership Pathways: Register Your Interest  


A journey of discipleship into ministry. This pathway serves as a starting point for anyone who wants to find some of the ways they may be called to serve in ministry. This cohort will focus on reading the entire Bible with discussion and application to a life of ministry. Each member of the cohort will be involved directly with an aspect of ministry in the church or locally, and tthe cohort will include a monthly meeting on Wednesday night, and participation in a summer mission trip.



An opportunity to explore a calling to serve and shepherd in the church. The leadership pipeline includes a monthly meeting, theological readings and reflection, guided ministry discussions, and opportunities to meaningfully engage in the story of Calvary Boise as a developing ministry leader or potential elder team member.



A monthly gathering to grow in and practice the skill of teaching and preaching. This is open to men and women, both current and potential Bible study leaders, Community Group leaders, and others seeking to grow in proclaiming God’s word in a God-honoring and accessible way. This cohort will include opportunities for peer- and mentor-reviewed teaching and will be finalized with a trip to an Expositors Collective Event or a similar conference.



This cohort is for those who want to grow in using a counseling gift in the body of Christ. You will read biblical counseling materials and take courses online through CCEF (Christian Counseling & Education Foundation). Member of this cohort will meet monthly to unpack what they are learning and find ways to put it into practice. For more information about CCEF courses, go to ccef.org/school.




Internships are a pathway that functions like a “gap year” for some and a “next step” in discerning a calling to ministry for others. This is for those who want to serve and grow in their gifts while being further equipped at the same time. It could be a next step after the ministry discipleship cohort, and it could be an entry point into ministry for others. Intern candidates can apply generally or can intern in a specific area of ministry such as worship, missions, youth ministry, graphics, A/V and production, and more.


This opportunity requires a high school degree or GED and a minimum part-time commitment (full-time possible as well). Interns can self-finance or raise support to be part of the internship (just as they would for CRU, or other opportunities like YWAM). All funds will be handled and distributed through Calvary Boise.  Interns can work up to 20 hours a week in a part-time job outside of their internship, and are committing to a minimum of 1 year for their internship.


Interns will receive the benefit of a theological education through Calvary Chapel Bible College or a similar program and will meet in a monthly cohort to unpack what they are learning with pastoral guidance. Interns may also apply to be placed into a home in the church family to help with costs during their internship.



Residencies provide a pathway for those who have already been marked out with a call to some form of vocational ministry. The concept is to finalize the last leg of preparation before embarking on a venture of faith. Think of this pathway like a “finishing school” for those who want to enter pastoral ministry, be sent to plant a church, or be sent globally as a cross-cultural missionary. Residents will function as pastors in residence at Calvary with clear responsibilities and rhythms of ministry and training. This opportunity requires a bachelor’s degree and a full-time commitment, along with a willingness to raise support to be part of the cohort. Benefits include a seminary education through Western Seminary provided as part of this pathway, a ministry and support-raising context, and the possibility of a clear outcome in some form of vocational or bi-vocational ministry. The theological education and equipping in the residency will comprehensively cover the whole Bible, Biblical Theology, and Pastoral Ministry in practice.  It will result in a master’s degree from Western Seminary.

Residents may work up to 20 hours a week in a part-time job outside of the church as part of their residency, though a full-time commitment is preferred. Residents are required to raise support for their residency through Calvary Boise as their sponsoring church. All funds will be handled and distributed through Calvary Boise. This is a key skill for planters, pastors, and missionaries and is part of the residency. Training will be provided for successful residency candidates.


Residents (depending on their needs, marital status, etc.) may also apply to be placed into a home in the church family to help with costs during their residency.


Residencies are for a minimum of 2 years and maximum of 3 years.