Communication Request   There are 5 ways we publicize information:
1. Bulletin
2. Information Display (Graphic) 
3. E-News
4. Website
5. VCB News

Announcements in the bulletin should be 2-3 sentences and requested at least a month in advance.

Information Display (Graphic)
Information should be given to the tech team as well as any design requests. Please allow at least 2 weeks for a graphic to be designed.

Information in the bulletin will also be published in the E-News the Thursday before. There is room for a paragraph or two in the E-News, so submit longer text here if desired.

Our website lists all of our events. Submit all details here so people can find everything they need. Events will not be published until they have a start date and time.

VCB News (limited spaces available)
VCB News announcements are selected by staff leadership each week. In order to be considered requests must be made at least a week in advance. Requests can be made here, but due to very limited availability priority will be given to church wide events first. All announcements should be able to be read aloud in under 30 seconds. Events will be given a maximum of three times in the VCB News. 

When you have text ready for publication, please fill out this form. Please copy and paste into each if the text is the same, or customize your text based on the medium.  Text may be edited as space allows for publications.