Jr Bash (Spring 2024)   Please begin your registration for Jr Bash by answering a few questions for Northside, then continue on to the MBC registration page where you will need to use or create a login in order to register with the camp and make your payment.  

Please fill out all information below for ONE participant at a time. If you are registering a student camper and a parent sponsor, fill out the information on the child's behalf, then "add another person" and fill out information on parent sponsor's behalf. (To go for free, sponsors must use code JBNorth during MBC registration.)

If you are willing to drive kids to camp from the church and back please contact Tiffany before making your payment to receive your $25 off camper discount code.


  - Whatever you choose to do for transportation MUST be the same both TO and FROM Camp. (Ex. If your student rides the vans with the church group TO camp your student MUST ride the vans back to the church after camp.) FOR SAFETY REASONS WE ARE NOT ABLE TO MAKE EXCEPTIONS. New for 2023: High School Campers are not allowed to drive themselves to or from the camp directly. If special arrangements are needed for a high school student to drive for appointments or activities please contact the church for approval.