Facility Use Application   Palmyra Grace Church Facility Use Form
To be filled out at least 45 days prior to the event.

Please Read The Following Before Filling Out The Application:

Our facility is available for use by our church members and regular attendees.
If you would like to use one of the rooms, gym, multipurpose room, kitchen, or outside facilities, please fill out a Facility Use Application. Once you have filled out the form it will start the application process and someone will contact you with further information on the availability of our facility.

Please be advised that during this time we are asking those who use our facilities to:
Please Clean high touch areas and toys that have been used in ALL of our classrooms before leaving.
We have disinfecting wipes in Bathrooms —please wipe down door handles, toilet handles, and sinks after use.

Release Form View Waiver

  - Please Read the Facility Use Policy Before Submitting your Application.


  - Please leave this section blank For Office Use Only