Family Serve Weekend   Welcome to Family Serve Weekend! This weekend will be an amazing time to connect as a family and as a community. To teach service by doing service and to have fun doing it! You will walk away from this weekend encouraged, connected and recharged.
Each Adult needs to register, in the registration of one of the parents you can also put sign up the number and ages of your children.
Cost of the trip is $60 per adult and $35 per child under 18. 
This year we will be staying in Cabins!
First meal up there is at 6PM Friday May 3rd. It concludes at 11AM Sunday May 5th.
Since cabin assignments are being based off of family groups it is important that we know who all is in your group. If you have different last names please email Jim Staniels (reply to the confirmation email that you will get) to make sure you are put into the right cabins.
Also if you are a youth coming up without your family please make sure to contact Jim Staniels too.