Ecuador - Intag Valley Mapping & Evangelism November 2023   November 2023 - Mapping & Evangelism Team: Please allow at least 5 minutes to complete form. You will be required to make a deposit for this mission trip at the end of this form.

Intag mapping & evangelism trips will be limited to 2-4 individuals for logistical reasons. The Intag is a big valley that stretches from the Andes mountains to the Pacific Ocean. The communities are remote, mostly accessed via dirt roads in the mountains. There may not be accommodations in many of these communities, so the trip participants need to be prepared for a rougher short-term trip experience.

Mapping & evangelism trip Intag valley, Ecuador

Vision: This team will assist in locating communities in order to help develop future strategies for outreach and church planting.

Overview: The Intag valley runs from the northern Andes Mountains in Imbabura province to the Pacific coast of Ecuador. This team will consist of 2-3 members of CBC that will aid in the exploration, mapping of communities, and evangelism during this week. Arrival will be late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. Church on Sunday and leave for Intag valley Sunday afternoon. This trip has the potential to be rough as hostel accommodations may not be available. Be prepared to sleep outside using tents and sleeping bags. We will most likely carry our food & water for the week with us. Always be prepared to share the gospel during this week as opportunities present themselves.

Trip Dates:

November 11-18, 2023


Mission Trip Notice

  - Sky Miles will not be used on Central’s group mission trips – because sky miles may cause arrival, departure, and date adjustments at the last minute that are different than the team. The team schedule takes priority.
- Please be aware that all mission trips now require CBC to run a criminal background check with emphasis on sexual offences. The expense is included in the trip price of the project.
- Please be aware that Airline Tickets, once booked, cannot be cancelled. If unable to keep your place on the mission team you will be responsible for paying Central the remaining balance of your airline ticket.

Mission Trip Registration Information Affirmation

  - By submitting this Mission Trip Registration Form, I agree that the information entered to be accurate and that any and all notices presented are affirmed. I also affirm that I have prayed about and feel God calling me to be part of this mission team and I understand my financial liability.