L8: NTS 2023  

!! Thank you for your interest in 
NTS Camp with Keystone Church  !!

Here is the basic information regarding Camp this year.

July 9-14 we will be attending NTS Camp at the campus of Houghton College in NY State (One Willard Ave, Houghton, NY 14744). Never the Same (NTS) Camp is a specialized discipleship-oriented camp experience with incredible games and awesome speakers! This is a week where you will truly come out "never the same." 

Here are your steps for registration:

Step 1: Register Below & Pay the refundable $50 Deposit to Keystone
Step 2: Register at NTScamp.com & Pay the NON-refundable minimum $150 deposit to NTS Camps.
Step 3: Pay remaining balance to Keystone Church by July 3rd

For more information on cost calculation see below: 

Currently the cost for the first 25 students to register is $280. This is with a $125 scholarship given to the first 25 students to register. 

We are asking that a simple $50 deposit (which is refundable) be paid to Keystone Church now to hold your student's spot. 

*Note: You will need to pay Keystone a total payment of $130 (this is including $50 deposit). Your final payment of $80 will increase if you do not finalize your registration with NTSCamp via the above link to register or will be included in the email following your completed registration below.

Your registration via NTScamp needs to be completed by the below dates or the additional cost will be at your expense. 

NTS Camp NY @ Houghton University || July 9-14

$385 - Registration until 11:59pm EST May 7

$405-$125 = $280- Late Registration until 11:59pm EST June 25
($150 Deposit to NTS + $50 Deposit to KS + $80 Balance by June 24) 

$430-$125 = $305 Last Minute Registration until 6pm EST July 3rd
($150 Deposit to NTS + $50 Deposit to KS + $105 Balance by 3rd)

If you have any further questions please reach out to Pastor Matthew or Pastor Erin.