AWANA 2019-2020  
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2019-2020 at Calvary Baptist Church

We hope your family had a great summer!  With school back in session, Calvary Baptist Church will hold its annual AWANA Fun Fair and Registration night on Wednesday September 11th from 6:30-8:30 pm to kick off the 2019-2020 year.  Online registration is now open!  Please complete the following information by September 10th.  We look forward to the coming year!

Clubs are offered for children for two years before kindergarten through 5th grade.

Age/Grade: PreK x 2 years
Books: $10 (all new this year)
Uniforms: $11 (Blue vests--2nd year Cubbies can use vest from previous year)

Grades: Full day K-2
Books: $10 (Sparks need new when book is completed from last year)
Uniforms: $11 (Red vests--2nd and 3rd year Sparks can use vest from previous years)

Grades: 3-5
Books: $10 (all new this year)
Uniforms: $11 (Green T&T jersy or new (last year) grey t-shirt.  2nd and 3rd year T&Ters can use shirt from previous years) 

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