Nothing is Wasted  

This Christmas season we want to capture the beauty of the Gospel in a new way! Join us for a collaborative art show featuring artists across several different churches, to display the goodness of God through their chosen medium. Painting, sculpture, photography, and alternative processes are all accepted! If you would like to participate, please read through the details and prompt below, and submit your proposal.


Prompt: Nothing is Wasted - redemption through Christ.

Salvation is messy. The lineage of Jesus is gritty and filled with brokenness. Our lives stand as a testament to the saving power of Christ that has united us all and freed us from death. For the child of God, every dark thing is used as a part of a larger story, and every bit of pain is used to refine us. God heals, He answers, and He redeems. Nothing is wasted.

This could include, but is not limited to artistic expressions of:

-A personal testimony

-A Biblical narrative/character (i.e. a character from the lineage of Jesus)

-A character trait of God (i.e. omnipresent, gentle and lowly, sovereign, holy, etc.)

-A Biblical concept (i.e. sanctification, substitutionary atonement, resurrection)


-Concept submissions due by October 23rd.

-Physical artworks must be provided, ready for display, by November 20th.

-Join us for an Artist’s Night on Friday, December 2nd, to discuss and share finished pieces with other artists. (potentially add "and get feedback from so and so professor at UM, I reached out to three on 7/19).

-Invite friends and family to Gallery Night on December 3rd, to celebrate and view the show.

-Artwork will remain up (or travel around to other churches) through the month of December.

-Pick up your pieces by January 15th, 2023.

Church at the Gates reserves the right to reject submissions at any time, without stating reason, based on:

-Display space and availability

-Visionary differences

-Infringement of Biblical truths

-Content (Nudity, violence, etc.)


Concept submissions are open until October 23rd, with review and acceptance feedback given within 2 weeks of your submission date.



We would love to see it! Simply email a photo of your project to Katie Resch at, and complete the rest of the submission process below.