PARENT/HOUSEHOLD - Camp Registration With Scholarship (Step 1)  
NOTE: This registration process is for those who attend Northside Christian Church or those who do not attend church. If you attend church elsewhere you can still attend camp with Northside, but please register at Thank you! Please add only PARENTS/GUARDIANS on this page. CAMPER REGISTRATION is on the NEXT page!
We know the spiritual impact camp can have in the life of a child so we want to ensure every child and teen can attend. We intentionally use the ministry of summer Bible camp to connect students and children to Christ and to one another. We also recognize that the financial cost involved can make it difficult for some to attend. Northside Christian Church believes so much in the ministry of Maranatha Bible Camp that we have already covered a portion of the total camp cost for each Northside camper. We don’t want a single student or child to miss out due to financial concerns. We also desire to honor God with every dollar that is spent from our ministry, so please prayerfully consider how much you can put towards the cost of your trip and then complete the form below.
In order to receive scholarship funds, a deposit of at least 20% will be required. Your deposit will be returned if there are not enough scholarship funds available to cover the total amount you request. The deposit is not refundable once scholarship funds are dispersed to the camp.

Parent/Household Information

  - Please fill out the following Parent Information based on the household where this child resides. Each child you register will be linked with this information. If you are bringing a friend or guest, please register them as a separate household.

Please know how much it will cost for your child(ren) to attend camp with Northside. Early Rates are effective through May 14, 2019.

  - ---High School & Middle School: $178 Early Rate, $203 Regular Rate --- --- 5/6 Camp: $119 Early Rate, $144 Regular Rate --- --- Kids Camp: $82 Early Rate, $108 Regular Rate --- --- Beginner Camp: $22 Early Rate, $33 Regular Rate