Women's Bible Study-Precept: Deuteronomy  

Precept: Deuteronomy

This is an inductive study through the Book of Deuteronomy, the 5th and last book of The Torah.  Jesus quoted from the book of Deuteronomy more than any other book which suggests the significance of the truths laid out in Deuteronomy for us to grasp and appreciate.  The insights you will receive into the character and ways of God will speak to your heart in quieting and sobering ways.  The study of this book holds the promise of even more .... more for those who will discipline themselves for the sake of godliness and the approval of their God and Father.

  *The workbook for this study will be available the first day of class.  Cost is $18.  
    Please contact Carolyn at 208-585-7368 for more information.