Corona SASS Food Drive  
We are getting ready to Love Where We Live!
Each week Saline Area Social Service will be coordinating meals with pre-packaged grocery supplies. Keystone will be responsible for preparing a total of 400 bags to be distributed beginning April 6.

Please start purchasing the following non-perishable items and pack them in paper bags marked "Bag #1" or "Bag #2."

SASS will add perishable items as they distribute the bags.

You can pack as many bags as you like. Just complete the form below to let us know how many bags and of which type you will be providing.

NEED 200 of Bag #1

2 cans of chunky soup

1 boxed rice or potatoes

1 can of beans

1 tomato product

2 boxes of Mac & Cheese

1 box of cereal

NEED 200 of Bag #2

1 can of fruit

2 cans of vegetables

2 cans of chicken or tuna

1 box spaghetti

1 jar pasta sauce (plastic jar)

1 package of cookies

DO NOT TAKE YOUR BAGS TO SASS.  There will be a truck in the Keystone parking lot for storage of these bags as they have limited space at SASS.  

Please bring your packed and marked paper bags to Keystone starting on Monday, March 30 - Wednesday, April 1, from Noon - 3pm.

Start shopping and bagging and may God bless you as you are a blessing to others.

Reimbursement of your purchases is available if you bring your receipt in an envelope with your name on it to the church office.

If you have any questions, please contact Dee Dee Rhoades at or 734-944-5397.