Becoming an Intentional Father - May 2024   (1 spots left)
One of the greatest needs in our world today are fathers who are intentionally involved in the formation of their sons and daughters. In particular, helping young men bridge the gap to manhood is something we have culturally failed to adequately address. In this study we’ll be exploring the challenges and callings of intentional fatherhood, as well as providing ideas to develop a rite of passage when your son is a teenager.

The book we’ll be utilizing for this study is written with the primary audience of fathers of sons, but there would certainly be principles applicable for fathers of daughters as well, so we are opening it for all dad’s to benefit from.

  • Orientation night is Thursday, May 2 from 6:30-7pm in room 224.
  • Group meets Thursdays from 6:30-8pm May 9 to June 27 in room 224
  • $20 per person to register (includes all study materials)