90 Day Giving Challenge  

A tithe simply means a tenth and it is the baseline at which God asks for us to give back to Him what He has first given us. For some 10% may be too difficult at this time, or maybe God is nudging you to jump all in when it comes to generosity. Regardless, we encourage you to pray and ask God where you might start on the generosity journey. Maybe it is consistently giving 2% percent of your monthly income. Maybe it’s 5%. Or maybe it is the whole tithe. Regardless, we want to support you in this journey of growing your generosity and becoming more like Jesus in the process!

When you sign up for the 90 Day Giving Challenge, we'll send encouraging messages to you periodically over the next 90 days. We'll also send you a small gift to help you grow in your generosity. We can't wait to join you in this journey!