HS Mexico 2022  

Registration for Baja Bound Mission Trip

STUDENT AGREEMENT - Read and sign below

  - STUDENT AGREEMENT These are our expectations of each student. Please read them carefully before giving your consent. I agree that the intention of the Mexico Trip is to glorify God by lovingly ministering in the name of Jesus Christ to the needs of those we will be serving. I agree that my involvement in this outreach is a privilege and not a right, and that I am going to serve and not be served. I agree that I am going as part of a team, and that team unity is vital to the overall effectiveness of our ministry. In line with the intentions as stated above and the desires of my own heart, I agree to the following disciplines: Prayer: I will pray diligently regarding how God will use me on this trip and for those in Ensenada, Mexico, my fellow students, and the adult staff. Commitment/Attendance: Your commitment to this trip is CRITICAL. I will ATTEND, PARTICIPATE in, and BE PUNCTUAL to all our meetings. I will complete all required prep work on time. I will notify Becca at least two weeks in advance IN WRITING if I must miss a meeting. I realize that if I miss two meetings, I may forfeit my opportunity to participate in this ministry. Teamwork/Participation: I will participate in all group activities (including evening worship service, meals, projects, etc.) while in Mexico. - I understand that filling out this form does not guarantee me a spot on the trip, but is an application to fill one of those spots. - I understand that certain measures will be taken to prevent the spread and contraction of Covid 19 leading up to and on the trip and I agree to adhere to all necessary protocols as laid out by the state of CA, Baja Bound Ministries and PBCC, as they are needed (I.e. wearing masks, testing, etc.)