Men Meeting (Led: Brynley King)  

Leader:  Brynley King
Day:  Tuesday  Next Meeting Date:  08/16/2022, 7:00am-8:00am
Book:  Called to Lead  Location:  Another Broken Egg in Guntersville

Description:  Coffee, fellowship, Bible and prayer. Previous study guides have included books by Patrick Morley, Doug Giles and Josh McDowell. Currently going through “ Called to Lead, Leadership Lessons from the Apostle Paul”, by John MacArthur, and continuing next semester.

What makes a true leader?

Is leadership a title? Authority? Charisma? Whatever getsthe best results? Today more than ever, Christians need a model of leadershipthat is based on God’s Word, that brings God glory.

In Called to Lead, best-selling author, pastor, and teacherJohn MacArthur explains the characteristics of a leader drawn from one of theBible’s most renowned leaders, the apostle Paul.

Focusing on Paul’s letters to the church, Called to Lead showsyou the twenty-six key qualities of a leader who can achieve results withoutforfeiting faith and obedience, qualities such as:


  • Trustworthiness
  • Discipline
  • Christlikeness
  • Sincerity
  • Decisiveness


Called to Lead presents a compelling, biblically sound explanationof the leadership God established when Jesus called and commissioned theapostles . . . and when God called you to lead.

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