Small Group | Women | 2022 Monday PM Summer | "Find your People" by Jennie Allen | 30-9751   Small group - Discussing "Find your People" by Jennie Allen
Meets Mondays 6:30 - 8:15 June 20-August 8 (Not July 4)
in Community Room A or via Zoom

You are responsible for buying your own book, and will be redirected to Amazon to make sure you get the right book.

Never in the history of civilization have we been more connected and felt more alone. We are all so lonely. What if the ways we have set up our lives are fundamentally broken? In the Find Your People Bible study, bestselling author Jennie Allen looks at the original community in Genesis, the Trinity, and the creation of people to see what God had planned for us all along, Jennie offers practical solutions for creating true community in a world that's both more connected and more isolating than ever before.

Facilitated by Alyssa Randall