CC AWANA 2022-23 (PARENT Form) Registration & Payment  

This AWANA registration has 2 parts:
1. Parent
2. Child
(Age 2 by 8/1/22 thru 4th grade ONLY)

Registration is complete when both parts are filled out. (Nursery age birth - 23 months do NOT need to register prior to attending).

This year, REGISTRATION is required for ALL participants.

AWANA Books and Uniforms are also REQUIRED, and at the end of this form be prepared to make a payment if needed of $10 per Book and/or $10 per Uniform. 

NOT everyone will need to purchase both so use the List below as a reference guide

1.  If you are NEW to our AWANA program you will purchase BOOK and UNIFORM.

2.  If you have LOST your Book or Uniform or need a different size Uniform, you will purchase them.

3.  All Puggles (Age 2 by 8/1/22) will purchase new BOOK.
(Only purchase shirt if you need a different size).

4.  All Cubbies (ages 3 & 4) will purchase new BOOK. (Only purchase Vest if you need a different size).

5.  All Preschool age moving to Kindergarten will purchase BOOK and UNIFORM for SPARKS.

6.  All 2nd grade (Sparks) moving to 3rd grade (T&T group) will purchase BOOK and UNIFORM for T&T. 

5th and 6th grade will still have Hype56 on Wednesday nights in The KID ZONE.

After you have finished the Parent form, you will be redirected to the second form to input the Child's information (Age 2 by 8/1/22 thru 4th grade).

This FORM is for the PARENT information.  Please fill in form as, you, the parent or guardian.