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Our relationship with God isn’t suppose to be stagnantly bound to Sunday mornings. He is always calling us into something deeper, something further, everyday.  We firmly believe this becomes fleshed out through three words: Celebration. Connecting. Contribution.  We believe a relationship with Jesus is one worth celebrating because He celebrates us! He created us uniquely and wonderfully and a follower of Jesus must celebrate Him and what our relationship with Him means.  God, Himself as Father, Son, and Spirit, is a communal God and desires for us to be communal with one another through connecting with one another and no how new or how long we’ve walked with Him He is calling us to contribute to the work He’s doing in His Kingdom.  But theres so much more to the story. Come and find our more about what it means to Celebrate, Connect, and Contribute during a 2 week plunge into the 3 C’s of a Jesus follower.