The Great Flamingo Explosion of 2021  

Welcome to The Great Flamingo Explosion of 2021 order page! You can sign up here to send flamingos, have the birds removed, and purchase flamingo insurance!

1) Enter your information.
2) Choose a flamingo order option
3) If sending flamingos, include the name, address, city, zip & phone number of the recipient in addition to the message you want written on the tag to be hung on their front door!

If you would like to donate an amount that is different from the suggested donation amounts, go to and click on "giving" in the top right corner. Choose "Flamingo Youth Fundraiser" from the drop down menu, enter the amount of your donation and include your instructions in the notes section.

The fundraiser begins on March 12 and continues through March 20. Money raised from this fundraiser will help students participate in future youth events, camps and mission trips.