Information Concerning Salvation and Church Membership   Do you desire to talk to a minister about salvation and what it means to be a Christian?  Or maybe you have questions about what is required to be a member at Woodlawn?  

If so, please fill out the information below and a minister will be in contact with you.

Why Join Woodlawn? 
Every church not only has it's own unique personality, but it also has it's own form of Government within the church.  At Woodlawn the membership of the church governs the church through church vote.  They vote on the leadership, plus they vote on the committees that have oversight responsibility.  There is not a Board of Deacons or Board of Elders that controls the direction of the church.  Nor, is there a denomination or outside leadership that tells Woodlawn how it needs to operate or govern the church.  The direction of the church is from the people up.  Similar to how we view democracy as a form of government.  Therefore, church membership is an important element of the Woodlawn.

How to Join Woodlawn
  •  Profession of your Faith- You have made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ and will follow that profession with getting baptized by immersion at Woodlawn Baptist Church.
  • Joining By Statement-You have trusted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and after your profession of faith, you were baptized as a believer by immersion in a like minded church. 

  • Transfer of Membership - You were a member of another Baptist church and would like to transfer your membership to Woodlawn Baptist Church.

  •  By Baptism - You have made a profession of faith in the past, however you were never baptized by immersion.   Therefore, you wish to join Woodlawn and be baptized as a witness of your faith.