Mexico Missions Info  

As we move forward with our new ministry in Mexico, we’d like to keep you informed as new information is available. Please use this page to sign up to receive current updates and information.


  - One of the most foundational pieces of our Mexico project is the building in Chalcatongo. We are praying that this building will be a place for future leaders to live, work, and gain vision for life. While most of the building is built and functional there is still a lot that needs to be developed to create our discipleship live/work/ministry vision. With this in mind we are creating a team of gifted builders to get this done. If you have skills in construction management, woodcraft, remodeling, project budgeting, or any other specific trade you would be a much-welcomed addition to this team.


  - We believe that what ever happens in Mexico needs to have strong tie to our home base in Boise. For this reason we are putting together a team that will continually keep the connection between Boise and Mexico united through prayer, giving, home base administration, local fundraising, and practical logistics. If you heart is moved for what is happening in Mexico, but you donít feel the call to be there for an extended time we would love to have you on this team.


  - Every new work requires a few people to go first. Just as we need people to help with the practical needs for the building in Chalcatongo, we also need a team of people who are willing to help lay the groundwork for what it means to live out a season of discipleship in Mexico. If you are in a stage of life where you are excited about seeking the Lord for new vision and are willing and able to spend six to nine months in Mexico, you may be a potential pioneer disciple. Pioneers must be up for adventure, ok with surprised, and willing to work hard.