Groups Interest  

Find out why groups are a big deal.
Imagine being part of a group where you really know each other, and where you are really known. Imagine a group with enough love and trust that you can challenge each other with the what the Bible says. Now’s your chance to experience this kind of group life.

What is a small group? Up to twelve people who meet together often (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.) to share joys, convictions and concerns. Most groups meet in the comfort of a person’s home, but some may meet at church or elsewhere.

What do small groups do? There are three parts:
Fellowship — Refreshments, ice-breakers, etc.
Bible Study — Learning about and relating the Bible to our own lives.
Caring — Supporting and praying for one another

How long is the commitment? Most groups are six to 12 weeks. After that, you and your group can decide to continue on together or to try out another group.

Can I bring a friend with me? Absolutely!  Groups are a great way to bring a friend even if they've never come to church before.

How do I join? Fill out the below survey and a person from Rock Harbor will help you get connected to best small group for you.