Parade Float Build 2020  

Our build days are as follows:

Sunday afternoons at 2pm - 6pm

Wednesday afternoons from 4pm - 8pm

So, it sounds like a frivolous excuse to get together and just do something; it really is so much more. This is just one of the major outreaches we do here at Vineyard. By participating in events like the Christmas parade we get to use our moving platform to invite people to get to know who we are, what we do, and why we are here. Okay, and it’s a lot of fun. Will you join me? Sign up below!

Not a builder? No worries – I have a few opportunities for you! You could:

Hand out water the day of the parade (December 12), or

Walk in the parade, or

Distribute Christmas Eve invitations to the people parked in our parking lot on the day of the parade.

Can’t do any of the above? Bummer – maybe you could drop off a case of water at the church between now and Dec 6?! We have some water to hand out already but every additional case we get means we can bless 24 more people that day!!

BTW - Builders and Walkers get the float themed t-shirt!