TentMenders Volunteer Application   Please fill out the information below:

Emergency Contact #1

  - Emergency Contact

Policies and Agreements

  - It is the policy of this ministry to allow our Volunteers the opportunity to serve in the areas in which they are gifted and talented. Since all volunteers represent Turning Point Church, careful consideration will be given to all potential volunteers prior to release to work on projects. Thank you for completing this application form and for your interest in volunteering. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING STATEMENTS CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU SIGN AND DATE THIS APPLICATION.

Age Requirement

  - I am at least eighteen years of age and have voluntarily applied to participate in the TentMenders outreach ministry as a volunteer.

Release of Liability

  - I acknowledge that the nature of the activity may expose me to hazards or risks that may result in illness, personal injury, or death; and I accept all risk to my health and of my injury or death that may result from participation and I release, indemnify and hold harmless Turning Point Church, its governing board, officers, employees and representatives from any liability to me, my personal representatives, estate, heirs, next of kin, and assigns, from any and all claims and causes of action for loss of or damage to my property and for any and all illness or injury to my person, including my death, that may result from or occur during my participation, whether caused by negligence or intentional act or omission of Turning Point Church, its governing board, officers, employees, or otherwise or by me. I further agree that if any persons under the age of 18 years of age accompany me to the project site, I must be their Parent or Guardian, and as such, they will fall under all of the requirements of this Waiver of Liability. I understand that this agreement will remain in full force and effect until cancelled by me in writing.

Photography Permission

  - I give my permission to allow photographs/slides/video taken during TentMenders Ministry functions in which I appear to be used by Turning Point Church as they decide. I understand this includes appearing in, but not limited to, mass media such as newspapers and magazines, slide shows and videotapes sold, given, or presented to the public, individuals and others, in fundraising and public relations documents, in books, posters, and any other media.

Agreement and Signature

  - I HAVE CAREFULLY READ THIS AGREEMENT AND UNDERSTAND IT TO BE A RELEASE OF ALL CLAIMS AND CAUSES OF ACTION FOR MY INJURY OR DEATH OR DAMAGE TO MY PROPERTY THAT OCCURS WHILE PARTICIPATING IN THE DESCRIBED ACTIVITY AND IT OBLIGATES ME TO INDEMNIFY THE PARTIES NAMED FOR ANY LIABILITY FOR INJURY OR DEATH OF ANY PERSON AND DAMAGE TO PROPERTY CAUSED BY THE NEGLIGENT OR INTENTIONAL ACT OR OMISSION OF ANY PARTY. By submitting this application, I affirm that the facts set forth in it are true and complete. I understand that if I am accepted as a volunteer, any false statements, omissions, or other misrepresentations made by me on this application may result in my immediate dismissal.