Child Check-In for Sunday School & Family

You put a lot of time and money into your children and youth ministries and the counseling and education of their parents. We know the challenges and concerns. Here’s how Churchteams Check-in keeps kids safe, tracks attendance and helps with data entry.

“…Check-in system is FAST, powerful and does not require expensive computers…”

Bill Atkinson, Executive Pastor
Van Dyke Church, Tampa

  Simple Security
All of us want our kids to be completely safe in the church nursery and Bible classes. Give your parents this assurance with check-in. It takes a few seconds for a family to check-in including kids getting their sticker name-tag with a unique number that matches their parents’.

  Technology that Fits
You need a check-in system that fits your building, budget and technology expectations. You might want fixed check-in stations with barcode scanners or mobile check-in using tablets. Prefer paper and pen? Your choice. If needed, contact parents by texting or by security number display.Attendance – No extra steps to take weekly attendance. Track parent involvement in worship or serving. Get real time reports with one click and the password.

The same text number used for text-to-give and text-to-register can also be use to text the keyword CHECK or CHECK-IN. You will get a link back that allows you to check your children in and prints everyone's name tags. No waiting in lines to check-in.

  Advanced Features
Do you have to open and close rooms based on class numbers? What about tracking kids who sometimes come with a family other than their own? Want special notes on the name tags? We can help you do that.

  Youth & Events
Take attendance with or without name tags for youth gatherings or other events.

  Manage Process
Save your administrative assistant time Monday morning by using check-in to streamline data entry. This action starts the process for following up Sunday contacts. We can help you keep people from falling through the cracks.