Membership & Assimilation

Church is about people.  You have to track their personal information, involvement and progress to shepherd and care for them well.  Using groups and technology, we’ve simplified things.  Here’s how.


Simplify the Basics
Software should be simple and intuitive to use and require little or no training. With one click from the main menu you can choose to edit, add, delete or merge families or members. With incremental searching you can see all a person’s info on one page then quickly email, text, call, or map them.

Use Groups as Pools
Building on our expertise as a group software, you create “connect” groups (or use your own terminology) to track first time guests, people interested in new members’ class, those wanting to serve in children’s ministry, or any other assimilation process. Put them in the pool from your website, the info card or staff entry. Go to the pool anytime you are working with that process.

Take Good Notes
Churchteams allows you to track any comments or notes and define the types of notes for better reporting and follow up. Prayer requests, guest notes, pastoral notes, coaching notes or anything else you need. Secure these at the appropriate level of access based on the type of note.

Streamline Movement
From the dashboard/pool/group, select those who have completed the process/class/action and quickly remove them from that group or transfer them to another one.  Perfect for tracking a connection or discipleship process, or for promoting children or students to their next class.

Use Attributes as Benchmarks
Track anything you want using custom attributes that you define such as dates, text fields, dropdown lists and hyperlinks (to their Facebook page or anywhere else on the Internet). Use pools to track process, and let attributes track identifying characteristics and benchmarks that never change. It keeps your data cleaner. Use push-out emails to let people update the part of the info you want them to update.

Custom Dashboards
You can customize each group (pool) view to include any note or attribute you want (including member photos). This creates an amazing dashboard for follow-up and tracking anyone through any process. You can even sort attribute or note columns to look at the information a different way.

Easy Reporting
Tracking the information is only useful if you can easily access it. Our reporting features are easy to use and allow you to quickly generate listings, summaries, export files, send emails, text messages, member update invitation emails and much more. No queries to write or reporting designer to use. Just select the report type, apply the filters to select who/what you want and you are ready to go.

“...The church management/database component is easy to use and has so many fields to help organize and track visitors and members...”

Matt Evans
Skycrest Baptist Church, Clearwater FL