What happens when you combine a passion for effective discipleship and team-building
with a passion for simple, effective software?

Churchteams began as a discussion between Boyd Pelley and Mark Horan over lunch at Godfather’s Pizza in Lincoln, NE in 1999. Boyd Pelley was the discipleship pastor at New Covenant Community Church and Mark was a software developer for a direct marketing company and had worked with Boyd in developing a church database for use at New Covenant. Heavily influenced by the discipleship and church growth movements of the 80s and 90s, Boyd felt a new kind of software built not around accounting, but around the church’s great commission was needed. Mark agreed to partner with Boyd to build it and they decided that the software needed to be web based to leverage the internet. Small groups were the first area of focus as the de-centralized nature of them fit perfectly with the software being a web application. New Covenant began using it in the Fall of 2000 and within a year a number of other churches were using it as well. Consultants and several large, influential churches began referring Churchteams to clients and friends which continued the growth. Churchteams was pioneering a new kind of software – Small Group Software.

With so many churches excited about how Churchteams had helped their small groups ministry we received requests to be able to use Churchteams for tracking membership, contributions, check-in, assimilation and more. In 2007 we began developing new features to address these needs and become a full church management system. We took the lessons we learned in creating simple, yet powerful, small group software and applied them to church management for other ministry areas and church leaders. We have taken the lessons of building a revolutionary small group software and applied them to develop equally innovative solutions for membership, contributions, check-in, assimilation, event registration, online giving, volunteer management and more.

Our ever-growing team of servant-leaders has a heart to serve church leaders well. People love the speed and quality of our service. We’ve figured out how to help you succeed with as little financial outlay as possible, because we are partners in ministry with you. It would be our privilege to serve you and your church or ministry!

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